214 Seperate Flexible Pre-Designed Reports Ready for Your Use

VersaSuite Reports

Get all the informatics you need to run your Hospital or Clinic from your EHR

Our Power of One database works alongside our custom report engine with 214 pre-programed reports. Over the past ten years, we have built a complete set of reports that cover every functional area within your hospital, or clinic. Each of these reports can be configured to support the specific requirements of your hospital or clinic.

Accounting, Payroll, Time & Attendance, to Income Statements, Balance Sheets and Materials Management reports come installed with our EPM Module ready for use. All you have to do is open the reporting module and select the report that you need and the Power of One will compile the report for your use.

Our commitment to reporting doesn’t stop there. Our versatile Report Template will allow you to create new report or edit our pre-existing forms to suit your specific needs. You can even filter the data by location, provider, or business unit to get as detailed a statement as you might require, with the click of a filter button.