Pharmacy Information Management System

VersaSuite’s Pharmacy Information Management System is a fully integrated solution that enables prescription management from the time of order placement to administration or dispensation of medication to patients.

VersaSuite understands that efficiently managed prescriptions and pharmaceutical inventory is not only integral to optimal patient care but also a crucial source of revenue for healthcare facilities.

Designed to streamline and automate the daily workflows of pharmacists and pharmacy personnel, VersaSuite Pharmacy is seamlessly integrated CPOE, Medication Reconciliation, ePrescribing, EMAR, and medication formulary. Eliminating duplication and inefficiencies in office workflow, VersaSuite Pharmacy maximizes revenue and frees up your staff from dealing with supply chain challenges, allowing pharmacy facilities of all sizes to increase productivity and fill prescriptions with fewer resources.

Key Features

  • Clinical screening of drug interactions, drug allergies, drug vs. gender, drug vs. age and appropriate drug dosages
  • Decision support tools incorporated into the pharmacy review process for every medication order
  • Prescription management from time of order placement to administration or dispense of medication to patients
  • Inventory management of multiple or a single site including maintaining counts and alerting when levels are below a customized point
  • Patient profiles fully integration from the PIMS meaning the pharmacist can look at clinical information such as lab results as well as medication history, known allergies, and physiological parameters
  • Report generation including inventory reports
  • Billing for hospitals or retail pharmacy claims
  • Medication labels which, for inpatient, include the option for bar codes to be used for patient safety checks for eMAR
  • CPOE, Medication Reconciliation, ePrescribing, eMAR, and medication formulary are incorporated as VersaSuite’s HIS