Hospital Administrative Solutions

Imagine how effective your team could be if they could locate and report on items such as Attendance Issues, SBU or Unit Productivity, and Profitability, Patient Billings, Patient Profitability, Payroll Taxes and Filings, Human Resources, and much more. The design of this Solution will allow all these functions and much more. This solution is most often combined with the Hospital Solution to gather information from the PO1 Database and with the reporting module can quickly be created into a timely accurate report.

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Running a Hospital often requires multiple disparate systems for Billing, Financials, Attendance, Payroll, Inventory and more. VersaSuite Administrative Tools allow you to eliminate all ancillary HIS and EHR support software. The “ Power of One” database seamlessly integrates all support functions required for reporting MU, Taxes, Payroll, Inventory, Financials, and much more. The integration of the data from the EHR will also make it possible to select and utilize information from any module creating amazing granular reports with the click of a mouse. This improved interoperability will eliminate all need for re-entering or importing data from other programs.

We have created hundreds of HIS reports that support most hospital informational needs. However, if you need a more granular or different analysis, the built-in report generator will allow you to create your specific report from both EHR and HIS. The VersaSuite exceptional integration of Data is an important feature that will shorten your administrative time considerably and improve the analytical functions of your Hospital or Clinical operations dramatically.