VersaSuite is an End-To-End Inpatient and Outpatient Hospital Information System that Requires No Integration

Everything inherently communicates because every function and module is part of a unified code-set, and all of the data resides in a single database. VersaSuite is designed to work in any health industry and environment. From the single doctor practice to the multi-site hospitals, VersaSuite ensures both flexibility and ease of use.

Key features

  • Multiple site, location, and department support
  • Extensive built-in help and support, including e-learning resources
  • Configurable letters and reporting based upon patient and exam data
  • Advanced data management through direct access to SQL
  • Industry-leading security
  • Integrated Human Resource management including time and attendance

VersaSuite’s patient scheduler is designed for use in all conceivable environments.

From the Optician scheduling, a pickup to the hospital scheduling surgery for multiple resources, our fully configurable scheduler will ensure maximum employee productivity.

  • Graphical representation of appointments for easy schedule viewing
  • Schedule for any resource, including beds, equipment, and staff
  • Automatic availability cross reference check for appointments ensures all required resources are available before booking
  • Configurable views for individual staff members ensure quick reference and scheduling
  • Appointment search by type, resource and time
  • Configurable views for daily, multi-day, weekly, monthly and yearly views
  • Patient-based tracking views
  • Export schedule for use with auto-phone appointment reminder systems
  • Fully featured navigable calendar
  • User-based scheduler views
  • Appointment statistics based upon day, month and year
  • Integrated patient clipboard

VersaSuite’s insurance billing allows for all claim types.

From Ambulatory to Institutional claims, VersaSuite ensures claims are created correctly the first time to maximize time and accuracy.

  • Paper and Electronic Claims
  • Single and batch claims submission
  • Eligibility and Benefits information downloadable
  • Multiple Clearing Houses to choose from
  • Compatible with any printer for paper claims
  • Extensive reporting on past, present, and future claims
  • Extensive A/R reporting
  • Reminders of past due or unclaimed charges
  • Ability to accommodate any type of Fee Schedule or Charge Master
  • CMS-1500, CMS-UB-04, DME
  • Configurable superbill

VersaSuite is designed to minimize the time spent on entering insurance payments with our enterprise level EOB Posting.

  • Download and import remittance files directly into VersaSuite for automatic posting
  • Find outstanding charges faster with integrated patient and charge filtering
  • EOBs can be kept in electronic format for quick and easy review at any time
  • Full EOB and Insurance Payment reporting for quick payment reconciling

VersaSuite’s ledger allows for quick and easy data review. Configure your ledger to present data the way you want to see it.

  • Color-coded entries for quick review
  • Multiple ledger views allow for quick data reference
  • Sort sales and services together
  • Filter information for single patient or the entire family
  • Full Audit Trail
  • Summary view for quick reference of outstanding charges and payments

VersaSuite comes installed with all the tools necessary for reliable billing and collecting. With integrated reports, ledger, and payment processing, ensuring cash flow has never been simpler.

  • Configurable receipts and statements
  • Auto-calculation of insurance and patient fees based on fee schedules
  • Complete audit trail
  • Complete statement management by history, balance, activity, and last billed date
  • Multiple configurable reports for A/R, collections, production, and deposit
  • Ability to document charges being handed to collection agencies
  • Ability to setup preauthorized monthly credit/check card payments

VersaSuite includes a full patient recall system

Recalls generate automatically based upon billing or exam procedures. Letters are sent to ensure maximum return of patients.

  • Recalls generate automatically based on procedure codes
  • Configurable letters for patients reminders based upon recall type, due date and location
  • Automated recall reminder when scheduling patients
  • Extensive letter and reporting for recalls

VersaSuite’s integrated task system will automatically alert your employees of any required action.

Tasks are created based upon user actions and events. You may also choose to attach any file to a task as well as monitor tasks for accurate completion.

  • Tasks automatically generate and assign to employees
  • Track task completion productivity
  • Attach any file to a task
  • Generate multiple tasks with one click

VersaSuite’s scheduler includes a fully configurable patient tracking system.

Track your patients as they progress from scheduling an appointment to check-in to check-out. Our reporting engine will allow you to better manage the time spent on patients during each part of their visit.

  • Configurable appointment statuses
  • Track location of all patients
  • Run user-defined reports for patient statuses