Everything inherently communicates because every function and module is part of a unified code-set, and all of the data resides in a single database. VersaSuite is designed to work in any health industry and environment. From the single doctor practice to the multi-site hospitals, VersaSuite ensures both flexibility and ease of use.

Key features

  • Multiple sites, location, and department support
  • Extensive built-in help and support, including e-learning resources
  • Configurable letters and reporting based upon patient and exam data
  • Advanced data management through direct access to SQL
  • Industry-leading security
  • Integrated Human Resource management including time and attendance

VersaSuite includes a full patient recall system.

Recalls generate automatically based upon billing or exam procedures. Letters are sent to ensure maximum return of patients.

  • Recalls generate automatically based on procedure codes
  • Configurable letters for patients reminders based upon recall type, due date and location
  • Automated recall reminder when scheduling patients
  • Extensive letter and reporting for recalls