Advanced Clinical Tools for Providers & Radiologists

VersaSuite’s RIS/PACS solution provides clinical tools for healthcare providers, and radiologists need to improve workflow, reduce errors, and optimize patient care.

With our RIS/PACS module Hospitals can share information from our automatic diagnostics system from order entry to results distribution. This unique system with-in our single database system is the ideal solution for radiologists to store, manipulate and distribute patient data and imagery.

With VersaSuite RIS/PACS, you can load thousands of images across multiple dates, instruments, and patients, and VersaSuite’s on-demand is syncing and downloading between sites makes coordinating patient care easy.

Replacing film-based image distribution and display, our comprehensive and intuitive RIS/PACS solution streamlines and enhances radiology practice workflow and delivers efficient access to images, interpretations, and relevant patient data.

  • Supports all medical disciplines
  • No software imposed limits of any kind
  • Load thousands of images across multiple dates, instruments, and patient
  • Multi-site support
  • Images sync and download between sites on demand
  • Seamlessly integrated with the rest of VersaSuite
  • Automate all overhead associated with billing
  • Billing codes are immediately inserted into the billing queue upon report completion
  • CPOE radiology orders can be managed as soon as the order is entered, no integration required
  • Integration with global tasking capabilities
  • Diagnoses and report summaries carry over to the EHR automatically

  • Build 3D models from any DICOM-compliant multi-line scan
  • Use advanced window leveling tools to sift through the model
  • The first PACS that can build 3D models of OPT ophthalmic images (see above)

  • Most PACS require that doctors open one study at a time. VersaPACS empowers doctors to open as many studies as they’d like, regardless of when the study was taken or what instrument it came from, in one click. The studies will load into the exact orientation and view setup that the doctors prefer.
  • See the ‘3 OCTs’ image above as an example. All 6 studies were loaded into the exact presentation shown in 1 click

  • Doctors can link studies together so that any navigation or manipulation applied to one study applies to all studies. This makes it incredibly easy to navigate through multiple multi-line scan studies together
  • Over 120 image manipulation algorithms
  • Stereo image viewing

  • Schedule maintenance/down time
  • Custom view for employees that allow them to focus on their instruments/tests

  • Over 20 different diagnostic reporting templates available for cardiology, ophthalmology, and radiology
  • Create your own diagnostic reporting templates by simply ‘plugging in the words’
  • Capture data from diagnostic reports as structured data
  • Automatically load discrete data values from the DICOM image files into the report
  • Write the entire diagnostic report in just a few clicks
  • Guaranteed eloquent, structured, well formatted reports for primary care doctors every time
  • Much faster than dictation, and no transcription required

  • Works with any DICOM Compliant Device
  • VersaSuite’s DICOM server software only stores images in the DICOM format, and never uses proprietary formats, guaranteeing long term image integrity
  • DICOM converter that works in real-time workflows (for non DICOM instruments) and in batch mode to convert large quantities of legacy non-DICOM images