Inventory Materials Management

VersaSuite’s Inventory Management and Sales solution is a fully integrated system that enables medical clinics of all sizes to effectively manage and sell inventory — pharmaceutical, surgical, nutritional, optical, and more.

VersaSuite understands that efficiently managed inventory is not only integral to optimal patient care but is also a crucial source of revenue for healthcare facilities. Our inventory solution allows clinics of all sizes and specialties to manage all aspects of inventory, including ordering, receiving, clinical usage and depletions, and performing physical counts. Designed to maximize revenue by eliminating duplication and inefficiencies in office workflow, VersaSuite Inventory Management and Sales frees up your staff from dealing with supply chain challenges and allows them to focus on patient care. From ordering to Point of Sale, VersaSuite Inventory Management and Sales is the ideal solution for automating inventory processes and optimizing revenue.


  • Complete and easy-to-use inventory management system
  • Works with pharmaceutical, surgical, and optical inventories
  • Supports healthcare environments of any size
  • Integrated pricing for all inventory items
  • Powerful inventory reporting
  • Fully automated and electronic

VersaSuite features a wide range of inventory reports to help effectively manage any healthcare enterprise. By default, VersaSuite comes with an array of reports to cover all needs of any sized healthcare institution.  Every aspect of these reports can be configured and tweaked to your liking including colors, font sizes, filters, and sort orders. Configured reports can be saved and programmed to run automatically on a set time interval (e.g. daily, weekly, biweekly). Also, audits and comprehensive reports can be created to facilitate reviews of specific aspects of the business.

More Benefits:

  • Fully configurable reports on sales and inventory
  • Some examples of standard inventory reports include:
    • Sales and Sales Order
    • Aging
    • Inventory Reconciliation
    • Purchase Order
    • Reorder

VersaSuite Inventory Management and Sales makes managing any kind of inventory (pharmaceutical, surgical, or optical) easier than ever. With an automated inventory reconciling system, VersaSuite Inventory Management and Sales simplifies bookkeeping and can help identify missing inventory and prevent theft. VersaSuite can be setup to inform users when inventory levels fall below a specified level and perform automated purchase orders. Using automated purchasing orders, office administrators and pharmacists can be assured that they will always keep inventories healthy. In addition, VersaSuite can also be set up to inform users if inventory of any specified item builds up, enabling medical institutions to easily maintain careful control.

Because VersaSuite Inventory Management and Sales is fully integrated with other VersaSuite modules, you will not have to ever enter the same information twice. Upon completion of a patient encounter, the eHR module instantly and seamlessly sends prescription information into the INV module. This way, front desk and checkout staff will not have to worry about copying prescription information from one form to another. To simplify the process workflow as much as possible, the entire checkout process can be done through just one screen. This allows the user to perform everything from printing receipts to viewing accounts receivable and payable information to importing the prescriptions from the eHR.  For optical shops, VersaSuite will automatically associate material codes with procedures codes to make billing as pain-free as possible. Moreover, the system will remember associated billing and procedure codes in the patient’s visit history portion of the patient’s chart.

VersaSuite Inventory Management and Sales integrates with barcode scanners from any number of manufacturers to ensure that the checkout process is fast and simple. With a barcode scanner, front desk staff will not have to enter product IDs or perform any other tedious tasks while a patient is checking out. Instead, the system will automatically register the sale of the scanned item. VersaSuite can also generate and print barcodes for any inventory item so that your medical institution’s entire inventory management system can be handled in one central location.

To make setting up initial inventories as easy as possible, VersaSuite can import material codes, inventory levels, and other information from third party software applications, such as FramesData, SpexUPC, or from Excel documents. The ability to import this data will simplify and expedite the setup and implementation process as much as possible, while allowing more time for end-user training and system customization.

Inventory Management Key Features:

  • Automated inventory reconciling
  • Automatic purchase orders
  • Seamless integration with other modules
  • Automatic coding and billing based on items sold
  • Barcode scanning, generating, and printing
  • Importation of inventory information directly from FramesData, SpexUPC, other third party systems