VersaSuite POS

VersaSuite point of sale or POS can help reduce your paperwork, track inventory, and market to your customers. Our Client Hospitals or Clinics with retail sales accomplish through the VersaSuite POS easy-to-use process all in one system.

Use of the VersaSuite POS system leaves more time for your staff to manage your hospital or clinic business rather than staying bogged down in details of the inventory, pricing,  and ordering.

The VersaSuite POS System can handle all the elements required for any retail operation from a gift shop to specialty product sales within the practice or clinic.  Most importantly, all sales, inventory, and cost of goods will be included in your financial via our integration with the EMS system contained in VersaSuite.

Build your newsletters, blogs, and social media strategies with our Point of Sale Module.  You can keep your hospital running on schedule with timely patient reminders. All contact information all data necessary for communication operations comes from our single code set database solution.  No need for any additional middleware to make your patient communication system complete.