As a provider of extraordinary software solutions, VersaSuite recognizes the benefits that strategic partnerships can bring to our customers.

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That is why VersaSuite has created the Partnership Program with the mission of building new business opportunities and long-term partnerships that enable us to deliver comprehensive and proven best-in-class solutions to our shared markets.

The VersaSuite Partnership Program delivers best-in-class solutions with industry-leading companies who, by partnering with us, can:

  • Offer customers a comprehensive, integrated, and simplified solution
  • Extend the sales and marketing reach of our two organizations
  • Co-market solutions through branding, awareness, and lead generation activities
  • Jointly sell solutions more effectively by facilitating strategic sales engagements
  • Deliver complementary solutions validated through interoperability
  • Build a team for technical liaison and sales support

The VersaSuite Partnership Program offers extensive benefits including:

  • Joint interoperability
  • Joint marketing opportunities
  • Technology and technical support resources
  • Partner referral and reference opportunities

The VersaSuite Partnership Program offers several competitive advantages.

For Our Partners

This program encourages our partners’ success by combining their best-in-class products, services and know-how with VersaSuite products, services and industry expertise. The partnership increases business opportunities while helping partners deliver complementary solutions to their customers.

For Our Customers

The partnership brings value to customers by providing complementary products, solutions and services. VersaSuite and its partners ensure the performance of solutions and validate interoperability together. As a result, customers receive integrated solutions that deliver the critical business reliability they need.


Marketing and Sales

The VersaSuite Partnership Program provides multiple opportunities to engage in joint marketing and sales activities. Through these activities, VersaSuite and its partners can realize incremental revenue opportunities while maximizing the outreach of their campaigns. By selling or referring joint solutions to prospects, customers and channel partners, VersaSuite and its partners can capitalize on:

  • Branding
  • Cross-links on partner and VersaSuite web sites
  • Co-branding on marketing campaigns
  • Use of program logos
  • Joint collateral
  • Awareness
  • Public relations
  • Joint marketing activities
  • Lead Generation
  • Industry events
  • Joint demand generation
  • Webinars
  • Education and Training
  • Technical education
  • Seminars


Unless otherwise notified, membership continues for one year from the date that the VersaSuite Business Partnership Agreement is signed. Membership renews automatically after one year. Members can leave the program at any time by notifying VersaSuite and discontinuing their use of the VersaSuite logo. The complete membership terms can be found in the VersaSuite Business Partnership Agreement, which must be signed by all partners.

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