Payroll that can handle the most demanding of enterprise environments!

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VersaSuite Payroll is a comprehensive payroll system with granular security that can accommodate the most demanding of an employee compensation based on time, shift, holiday, differential pay, department, task and special events.

Healthcare operations face enough challenges — Not having a Payroll system that can handle the most involved compensation parameters shouldn’t be one of them.

VersaSuite Payroll system is designed to handle the most demanding of employee compensation schemes taking into account differential pay, shift, duty, holiday, multiple Paid Time Offs with various accruing parameters, and much more.

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Features List Heading

  • Salaried & Hourly
  • Multiple Shifts
  • Varying Rates for Duties & Shifts
  • Shift Differentials
  • Various Events Handling
  • PTO Management: Vacation, Sick Leave, Holiday
  • Financial Plans
  • Company Benefit
  • Direct Deposit
  • Group Payroll
  • Time Approval
  • Support for Federal and State Tax Tables
  • Various Federal and State Forms
  • Various Reports

How Can a Payroll System Help your Operation?

An embedded Payroll module that is part of a holistic clinical system can help streamline payroll processing in most demanding enterprise settings thus eliminating the need for any third party vendor.

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What Others Say About VersaSuite

“VersaSuite has a team of highly professional, experienced and educated professionals. It has been amazing to work with this team. I have worked with many different vendors in my career and have never had the level of service that VersaSuite provides.”

Jennifer A.,Director of Informatics, Critical Access Hospitals ~ Capterra

“We examined the VersaSuite EHR and found it to be a great product for inpatient and outpatient settings. Once we complete our expansion, we expect to install VersaSuite in all locations for appointments, Human Resources, Employee Scheduling, and EHR. It is a great system, and our entire staff was very impressed.”

J.R.Body By Lipo ~ Google Review

“VersaSuite EHR is a great product for clinics and hospitals. VersaSuite offers affordable solutions for the most challenging situations. Software modules include Accounting, HR & Payroll, Employee Scheduling, EHR, CPOE, EMAR, ETAR, LIMS, RIS/PACS, Pharmacy Management, EPM, HIM, HIS, and much more while being one of the most configurable and versatile EHR on the market.”

Dennis JagerVersaSuite Prospect

About VersaSuite

Powered by imagination, dedication, attention to detail, and an honest and strong commitment to excellence, VersaSuite is leading the industry to bring advanced and easy to use healthcare automation through Medical Records Software to clinics, practices, surgical centers, and hospitals all over the world.

Founded in 1994 and based in Austin, Texas, VersaSuite is an alias for the company’s official name, Universal Software Solutions Inc. (USSI), though USSI has been doing business as VersaSuite since 1998.

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