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VersaSuite ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software will revolutionize your day-to-day operations such as accounting, procurement, project management, risk and compliance management, and more!

Healthcare providers face enough challenges — your Medical Records Software shouldn’t be one of them.

VersaSuite is a great product for inpatient and outpatient environments. VersaSuite offers affordable solutions for the most challenging situations. Software systems include HIS, EHR, EPM, and ERP, each comprising of many modules all configurable to meet your specific needs.

Dennis Jager

Benefits of ERP Software for Healthcare Organizations:

  • Better Patient Care
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Streamline healthcare processes and initiating best practices
  • Patient Safety
  • Electronic Storage of health-information
  • Business Intelligence and Strategic Planning

How Can ERP Help You?

Most healthcare organization struggle to meet common goals such as quality patient care and substantial cost reduction. To this end, healthcare institutions are continually investing in updating their ERP systems to make patient care more available and better. Furthermore, reducing clinical errors and increasing efficiency for health care providers are primary reasons for implementing ERP software for the healthcare industry. These goals can be a lot closer if you could streamline information through pharmacy, laboratory system, radiology, image archiving, communication system (PACS), and electronic medical records (EMRs) for patients. On the other hand, patients are granted access to the collected details from their medical records in order to arrange appointments in time and make decisions promptly.

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What Others Say About VersaSuite

“VersaSuite has a team of highly professional, experienced and educated professionals. It has been amazing to work with this team. I have worked with many different vendors in my career and have never had the level of service that VersaSuite provides.”

Jennifer A.,Director of Informatics, Critical Access Hospitals ~ Capterra

“We examined the VersaSuite EHR and found it to be a great product for in and outpatient clinics and hospital. Right now while affordable we have decided to stay with our existing system for our current needs. Once we complete our expansion, we expect to install VersaSuite in all locations for appointments, Human Resources, Staffing and Scheduling, and EHR. It is a great system and our entire staff was very impressed.”

J.R.Body By Lipo ~ Google Review

VersaSuite EHR is a great product for in and outpatient clinics and hospitals. VersaSuite offers affordable solutions for the most challenging situations. Software modules include HR & Payroll, Staffing and Scheduling, EHR, EMAR, ETAR, LIMS, PACS, EPM, HIM, HIS, EMR, CPOE, LTAC and much more most configurable and versatile EHR on the market.

Dennis JagerVersaSuite Customer

About VersaSuite

Powered by imagination, dedication, attention to detail, and an honest and strong commitment to excellence, VersaSuite is leading the industry to bring advanced and easy to use healthcare automation through Medical Records Software to clinics, practices, surgical centers, and hospitals all over the world.

Founded in 1994 and based in Austin, Texas, VersaSuite is an alias for the company’s official name, Universal Software Solutions Inc. (USSI), though USSI has been doing business as VersaSuite since the early 2000s.

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