VersaSuite Liberation Program

If you’re unhappy with your current hospital software, there is a way out. VersaSuite has designed a program with you in mind. Contact us today to find out how!

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Affordable Hospital Software Compatible With Unique Facilities Environments

VersaSuite is currently being flooded with stories about hospitals who adopted hospital software from one of our competitors only to find out that their current provider is dropping their support for Inpatient EHR.

We know that switching can be expensive and we have a solution for new clients that will make the bad relationship a distant memory.

Free Yourself From a Cumbersome, Limited System

One Code

A full EHR and HIS solution built entirely from one code set and with one database with an intuitive and identical inpatient and outpatient user interface


A comprehensive feature set including: RCM, EHR, CPOE, EMAR, ETAR, PACS/RIS, LIS, Pharmacy, General Accounting, Inventory Management, Nutrition Services, HR, Time and Attendance, Payroll, and more


The most flexible architecture available on the market today, which allows our application to be configured to your workflows instead of forcing you to conform to a rigid software application

Cloud Services

Cloud services to save time and money as well as hardware discounts for in-house IT.

Our Process


Needs Assessment

Our team of IT, Deployment and Programmers will conduct an assessment of your existing EHR, and IT Systems and make an affordable, modern recommendation on how to prepare for the Net Phase in Healthcare Software Systems.

Product Demonstration

A targeted account-specific teleconference demonstration will be prepared and made to your key stakeholders for review and input for the design of your customized solution.


Customized proposal for each of our prospect hospitals. We do all the work with the completion of a single questionnaire regarding your specific requirements, budgets, databases etc..


Planning for success, requires getting to know each of your departments managment team. Giving clear guidance through what each department can expect, by mapping the onboarding processes.

Understanding and Developing Your Hospital’s IT Resources

Successfully implementing a new EHR system requires careful consideration of your hospital’s IT resources. We’re going to take a closer look at a few aspects of your hospital’s IT resources you should evaluate in order to prepare your hospital for a new EHR system.

The Importance of Training With an EHR System

Between pessimistic attitudes, poor internal communication, an unclear vision of what the new system will accomplish, and many other factors, it’s no surprise that so many medical institutions struggle to successfully implement new EHR systems.

6 Ways to Help Your Staff Adjust to a New EHR System

No matter how large or small your hospital is, setting expectations about how the transition will be carried out is important in order to assign responsibilities and communicating your priorities will all make the switch smoother for everyone involved.