Document Management

HIPAA guidelines require hospitals to keep much of their tests, diagnosis, reports, and more for patients for up to 10 years.  This requirement has led to an explosion of hard copy documents kept in file rooms, and offsite storage to manage and preserve these documents.

Most hospitals have a limited ability to store hard copy patient data and have turned to EHR storage to manage these critical records. Our Document Management System employs a state-of-the-art Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to add older unfiled documents to existing EHR patient records.  Through our DMS these documents can be scanned in automatically and added to any patient located in the EHR.

If a patient cannot be found a new record will be created that can either manually be added to the files for the patient later or archived under the OCR recognized the patient name. With the addition of a high-speed scanner, thousands of records can be added to your EHR daily eliminating on-site storage.  All scanned documents will be preserved in the clinical PO1 database and can be automatically deleted after the appropriate waiting period.