Comprehensive Clinical Alerts & Decision Support

VersaSuite CPOE allows the computerized entry of healthcare provider instructions and helps eliminate errors at every step in the medication process, improving patient outcome and limiting unnecessary spending of resources.

Seamless Integration

Developed on a unified code-set with information stored in a single database, VersaSuite CPOE is seamlessly integrated across our entire suite of solutions and fully scalable to any hospital environment.

Our intuitive design simplifies even the most complex order sets and medication orders and supports complicated treatment plans across all healthcare environments. VersaSuite CPOE is the ideal solution to eliminate delay in order completion, reduce errors related to handwriting and transcription, provide error-checking, and simplify inventory and posting of charges.

Key Features

  • Drug-drug interactions, powered by FirstDataBank (FDB)
  • Drug-allergy interactions, powered by FDB
  • Drug-problem interactions, powered by FDB
  • Supports CDS warning overrides
  • Recommends cheaper, generic alternatives to reduce costs
  • Configurable alert settings, to help manage “alert fatigue”

  • Build and manage orders and order sets
  • Integrated with Provation and Patient Order

  • See which providers are placing the most costly orders
  • Track and manage order set usage
  • Track diagnosis-based protocol adherence
  • See associated problems and ICD codes

  • Automatic and seamless passing of codes to patient billingSupports telephone orders and other forms of remote ordering
  • Order expiration warning – VersaSuite will automatically alert a patient’s  care team if an unfulfilled order is about to expire
  • Complete audit log and audit trail support, so everything is user, time, and computer stamped