VersaSuite features a single Power of One SQL Database that eliminates the need for additional software since all modules are incorporated into our PO1 solution. Our competitor’s systems often require additional software add-ons to complete the entire EHR/HIS System you desire. These additions can require expensive ancillary programs to match the completeness of VersaSuite.  The VersaSuite solution is complete and offers the flexibility that will be needed to integrate all the functions of a hospital.


Our SQL database allows our clients to select any discrete variable for reporting. Over the past ten years, we have built a complete set of reports that cover most functional areas within your hospital or clinic.  Reports from Accounting, Payroll, Time & Attendance, to Income Statements, Balance Sheets, and Materials Management are all included with your purchase.  Also included within VersaSuite is a  versatile report engine which allows users to create or edit pre-existing templates to suit specific needs. Users can also filter data by location, provider, or business unit to generate granular reports with the click of the filter button.


At VersaSuite, we create unique patient flows by the provider to make the transition to a new EHR System as simple as possible. We can start by using our extensive inventory of templates or at your option, copy your existing paper or electronic documents.   No matter what approach we take all template work will be included in our quote, and there is NO ADDITIONAL COST.


Changing an EHR System can be expensive for even the largest hospitals. Our new affordable pricing strategy utilizes a 5 Year subscription model that includes all startup cost, including upfront fees and implementation costs. This unique financing approach spreads out the startup costs over the term of the agreement to make replacing your EHR affordable.