VersaSuite to Provide Advanced Patient Portal Functionality within its Electronic Medical Record System


VersaSuite to Provide Advanced Patient Portal Functionality within its Electronic Medical Record System

July 14, 2014 (Austin, Texas) – VersaSuite, a leader in the electronic medical records announced today their EHR system will equip thousands of providers across the globe with advanced functionality within their Patient Portal.

“We are excited to integrate advanced patient portal functionality into VersaSuite’s Electronic Health Record, which assists our clients in meeting the rules for Meaningful Use. Secure patient communications and timely access assists practices in delivering sophisticated methodologies for notifying patients of lab results and additional care that is needed. As Meaningful Use requirements expand, VersaSuite will be there with technology solutions that solve clinical and business problems,” said Scott Leach, VP of Sales and Marketing/Business Development at VersaSuite.

Medical practices that are using VersaSuite will be able to expedite many front desk, clinical, and administrative tasks using this fully integrated functionality. Phone time previously required to respond to appointment requests can now be allocated to other patient care needs. Demographic data entry time is lessened as updates are delivered to the patient’s medical record from the portal. Pre-registration forms and medical and family history can now be written directly to the patient encounter, thereby significantly reducing documentation time. The portal is also able to facilitate communication between the patient and healthcare provider.

About VersaSuite

VersaSuite is a comprehensive, integrated software solution built from one unified code-set that automates healthcare in medical facilities of all sizes, both ambulatory and inpatient. VersaSuite is leading the industry in bringing advanced and easy-to-use healthcare automation to hospitals, clinics, practices, surgical centers, and community health centers globally.

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P. Scott Leach
VP of Sales and Marketing
512-250-8774, ext. 1010

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