• Shift Pays Off for E-Records Company
    Austin Business Journal Oct 18, 2013
    Austin-based VersaSuite has grown into a notable player in the market for electronic health records… [read more]
  • VersaSuite: The New Kid on the eHR Block!
    Austin Technology Examiner June 18, 2012
    As technology continues to follow its neverending trend of evolving overnight, sometimes we lose focus of technological advancements made on things other than iPhones and other gadgets. Well, one such field that may get overlooked is the management of medical … [read more]
  • VersaSuite Honored at Texas Workforce Conference
    Texas Workforce Commission November 19, 2010
    Universal Software Solutions Inc., dbaVersaSuite, a Williamson County health care software company, received the Employer Award of Excellence … [read more]