Study: Outdated Communication Tools Can Affect Patient Safety

A significant portion of the health care industry relies on older communications platforms — such as pagers and paper-based procedures — which could lead to negative effects for patient safety and internal operations, according to a new Frost & Sullivan study, FierceMobileHealthcare reports.

The study’s authors argue that there is a “clear need for advanced data management and communication systems that can address existing communication challenges in hospitals” (Mottl, FierceMobileHealthcare, 7/21).


The report recommends that industry stakeholders implement secure mobile communication methods, such as a smartphone with secure text, image, video, and voice messaging capabilities. In addition, communication methods should supports health information exchange between such devices and hospital IT systems, the report noted (Frost & Sullivan study, July 2014).

In order to successfully use secure mobile communications, the study suggests:

  • Ensuring ease of deployment;
  • Providing a user-friendly experience;
  • Establishing support systems; and
  • Creating a market strategy.

The authors noted, “Today’s mobile computing platforms present a powerful set of technical capabilities that, if leveraged properly, can help improve the efficiency of day-to-day operations of literally any type of organization” (FierceMobileHealthcare, 7/21).

Source: iHealthBeat, Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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