A Flexible, Scalable Rehabilitation Hospital System

VersaSuite’s Rehabilitation Hospital Information System is a comprehensive, fully integrated software solution specifically designed to meet the needs of physicians and therapists at rehabilitation hospitals of all sizes.  VersaSuite’s integrated EHR and HIS provides the technology that rehabilitation hospitals need in a software suite that can be scaled to fit your unique services and workflow, and in automating everything from admission to discharge, our Rehabilitation Hospital Solution is the only intelligent, end-to-end inpatient and outpatient EHR and HIS system that requires no integration. Everything inherently communicates because every function and module is part of a unified code-set, and all of the data resides in a single database.  From improved patient care and workflow efficiency to better communication and customized reporting, VersaSuite helps reduce errors and generate optimal return on investment.

Rahbilitation Hospital Information System Key Features

  • Fully integrated Rehabilitation and medical workflows with customizable templates and automated data collection/population
  • Easily record complaints, illness history, and review of symptoms
  • Generate reports and other charting in just minutes
  • One-click access to Order Entry, Billing, Patient Demographics, and more
  • Quickly access lab results, medication history, and electronic prescriptions and refills
  • One-click access to PACS ImagingOrder EntryEMAR, ETAR, Billing, and Patient Demographics
  • Integrated voice dictation with Dragon Medical™ and M*Modal™
VersaSuite’s flexible exam templates support the wide variety of data and symptoms necessary for clear diagnosis and treatment, allowing for customization of template layout and details to best suit your proven workflow while increasing productivity.  Synopses allow the tracking of problems over time, so you can see if your treatments are successful, or need to be modified – all at a single glance. Intuitive template features like pick-lists, check boxes, and buttons make send specialty-specific documentation, including initial examinations, progress notes, daily notes, customizable flowsheets, and discharge summaries more efficient, allowing for improved care of patients and increased productivity among staff.  Busy physicians can save valuable time by recording notes with conveniently integrated voice transcription, and our robust library of ICD and CPT codes allows you to electronically capture, submit, and track charges efficiently.   Best of all, our cloud-based installation option minimizes up-front costs.