The Ideal Allergy EHR Solution for Allergists & Immunologists

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VersaSuite’s Allergy EHR is the ideal solution for the modern and efficient allergy and immunology practice.  Allergists and immunologists require an EHR solution that supports their unique workflow and simplifies the recording of common procedures, so VersaSuite Allergy EHR includes powerful tracking tools, allowing you to record and retrieve numerous allergy-specific details, including intradermal allergen injections and skin tests.

VersaSuite’s ready-made Allergy EHR templates make it easy to manage and exchange patient clinical data, as well as create further customizations to fit your practice’s unique needs. Our template editor allows you to customize and create your own templates to suit individual and practice preferences. With VersaSuite Allergy EHR, your allergy workflow will run smoothly and seamlessly, allowing you to perform exams according to your proven workflow, not the other way around.

VersaSuite Allergy EHR includes intuitive pick-lists and checkboxes to simplify documentation and allow you to easily manage chart completion, and because VersaSuite’s underlying EHR engine is so flexible and powerful, VersaSuite makes it simple to data-mine large amounts of clinical data. Our dynamic graphical interface allows clinicians to filter the entire patient database by any clinical or demographic field including allergen type, reaction, medicine prescribed, age, gender, and provider.

Key Allergy EHR Features

  • Automatic and seamless passing of codes to patient billing
  • Task creation without leaving your exam
  • Ability to work with any voice dictation software, including Dragon and M Modal
  • Graphs wherever tables of numerical data are shown
  • Exam summaries generated with a single click
  • Keyboard-free data entry


For non-allergists, we provide simple yet comprehensive allergy-related functionality to increase efficiency and improve patient care. VersaSuite’s Practice Management solution offers comprehensive tools for fast, simple, and intuitive data entry and review of a patient’s allergies. Instantly document test results, administer immunotherapy shots, track patients, automatically bill patients and file claims based on insurance protocols, and obtain authorizations patients’ visits and anniversary cycles.  With drug-allergy interaction warnings through integration with First DataBank, as well as drug-drug and drug-diagnosis warnings, VersaSuite’s fully integrated and adaptive solutions make it easy to connect with patients, payers, medical devices, pharmacies, and labs, regardless of your practice’s size, specialty, and locations.

Comprehensive Specialty Practice Management

  • Complete documentation, storage, and retrieval of detailed patient data
  • Better communication, increased efficiency, and improved patient care
  • Accelerated reimbursement and decreased claim denials
  • A robust, customizable reports system for complete practice analysis
  • Eliminate redundant paperwork
  • Full intergration with VersaSuite’s Lab Information System, ePrescribing, Inventory Management & Sales, and more
  • Instantly generate prescriptions with full drug interaction and formulary checking



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