Fully Integrated Materials Management & Point of Sale

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VersaSuite’s Materials Management and Sales solution is a fully integrated system that enables medical facilities of all sizes to effectively manage and sell inventory — pharmaceutical, surgical, nutritional, optical, and more.

VersaSuite understands that efficiently managed inventory is not only integral to optimal patient care but is also a crucial source of revenue for healthcare facilities.  Our Inventory solution allows hospitals of all sizes and specialties to manage all aspects of materials, including ordering, receiving, clinical usage and depletions, and pererforming physical counts.

Designed to maximize revenue by eliminating duplication and inefficiencies in office workflow, VersaSuite Materials Management and Sales frees up your staff from dealing with supply chain challenges and allows them to focus on patient care.  From ordering to Point of Sale, VersaSuite Materials Management and Sales is the ideal solution for automating inventory processes and optimizing revenue.

Key Features

  • Complete and easy-to-use materials management system
  • Works with pharmaceutical, surgical, and optical inventories
  • Supports healthcare environments of any size
  • Integrated pricing for all inventory items
  • Powerful inventory reporting
  • Fully automated and electronic
Extensive Inventory Reporting
Automation and Simplicity