Improve Patient Safety and Workflow Management with VersaSuite EMAR

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VersaSuite EMAR features comprehensive, automated workflow and customizable reporting options to improve workflow management and patient safety.  With bar coding technology, VersaSuite EMAR allows the use of handheld scanners to submit and fill prescriptions, increasing the efficiency of clinical staff and helping your organization run like clockwork.Request A Demo

Built on a single code-set with information stored in a single database, VersaSuite EMAR allows for real-time, instant updates, ensuring everyone in the care chain has secure and speedy access to care detail, and the complete elimination of paper charting administration saves valuable time and resources, so you can focus on what matters most — patient care.

Key features include:

  • Care Grid visual display of all outstanding orders for each patient under your care
    • Color-coding to easily distinguish overdue orders, orders due now, and future orders
    • Single view showing all patients, no need to check each patient individually
    • Patient photos displayed alongside their names
  • Automatic charge capture when drug is administered
  • Automatic inventory adjustment at administration
  • Checking to ensure order is being administered as intended
  • Bar code scanning to record administration
  • Ability to require a witness for any administration
  • Complete audit log and audit trail support
  • Reporting on all aspects of Electronic Medication Administration Record (e.g., see which nurses are chronically late with their administration)