VersaSuite’s adaptive electronic health record software is the only EHR & EMR solution that is entirely customizable to your hospital’s specific needs.

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Instead of asking you to conform your workflow to our software, we conform our Electronic Health Record software to your workflow!  VersaSuite-EHR makes it easy to enter large amounts of clinical data using our fast click-based data entry. VersaSuite offers comprehensive specialty-specific content for a wide range of medical specialties, and also allows doctors to customize exam templates so they can make templates feel just like they want — or they can have VersaSuite customize for them.

Why Should You Use VersaSuite’s Hospital Electronic Health Records?

Increased Hospital-Wide Efficiency

VersaSuite’s Electronic Health Records solution is entirely customizable and packed with specialty-specific templates. Whether your facility focuses on a single medical discipline or covers the spectrum, our EHR allows your physicians to practice according to their preferred workflow and meshes seamlessly with accounting & billing, employee management, and other departments using VersaSuite. This advanced functionality will save valuable time and ensure you can chart on the go, and our cloud option helps minimize implementation costs.

Significant Financial Incentives

With VersaSuite’s Meaningful Use reporting, healthcare facilities can take advantage of government incentive money, and providers who regularly demonstrate meaningful use of EHR can receive incentive payments and avoid penalties.

Enhanced Quality of Care

Electronic Health Records software helps improve the accessibility, accuracy, and legibility of health records, freeing up physicians and healthcare staff to focus more on patient care. Our integrated solution ensures that important data is shared among teams and departments, reducing redundancy and avoiding delays in treatment. With intelligent features such as warnings, alerts, and task reminders, common errors can be avoided, and both your patients and staff will reap the benefits.

Improved Patient Satisfaction

VersaSuite’s Patient Portal provides your patients with secure access to their health records twenty-four hours a day. This increased patient engagement makes it easier to answer patient questions, respond to medication refill requests, and send reminders or education materials. Your patients will appreciate the personalized experience and increased physician interaction, improving the quality of care even outside the office.

Key features of the VersaSuite EHR include:

  • Specialty-specific templates
  • Same user interface in the ambulatory, ED, and inpatient environments
  • Automatic and seamless passing of codes to patient billing
  • Task creation without leaving your exam
  • Ability to keep as many patient records open as you need
  • One-click access to:
    • PACS Imaging
    • Order Entry
    • EMAR
    • ETAR
    • Billing
    • Patient Demographics
  • Tablet support
  • Keyboard-free data entry
  • Ability to work with any voice dictation software, including Dragon and M Modal
  • Advanced drawing component
  • Ability to create your own templates
  • Graphs wherever tables of numerical data are shown
  • Exam summaries generated with a single click
  • Customizable exam summaries