VersaSuite’s Adaptive Electronic Health Record Software is Only EHR & EMR Solution that is Entirely Customizable to your Practice’s Specific Needs.

  • General Medicine
  • EHR
  • General Practice
  • Laboratory
  • Medications
  • Physical Exam
  • Review of Symptoms

An Electronic Health Record is more than just a digital version of a paper chart, and choosing the right EHR Software is key moving forward to successful implementation and achieving Meaningful Use. VersaSuite’s robust security, specialty-specific templates, and seamless integration between modules perform all the necessary functions for the most demanding clinics, surgical centers, and hospitals and allow further customization to fit your workflow. VersaSuite EHR is a feature rich and customizable Electronic Health Record solution designed to meet the specific needs of any organization. Instead of asking you to conform your workflow to our software, we conform our software to your workflow!

Key features of the VersaSuite EHR include:

  • Specialty-specific templates
  • Same user interface in the ambulatory, ED, and inpatient environments
  • Automatic and seamless passing of codes to patient billing
  • Task creation without leaving your exam
  • Ability to keep as many patient records open as you need
  • One-click access to:
    • PACS Imaging
    • Order Entry
    • EMAR
    • ETAR
    • Billing
    • Patient Demographics
  • Tablet support
  • Keyboard-free data entry
  • Ability to work with any voice dictation software, including Dragon and M Modal
  • Advanced drawing component
  • Ability to create your own templates
  • Graphs wherever tables of numerical data are shown
  • Exam summaries generated with a single click
  • Customizable exam summaries