VersaSuite EHR, HIS, & EPM Solutions Includes an Integrated Series of Modules for the Modern Medical Enterprise

VersaSuite Integrated Modules

VersaSuite’s modular architecture allows private practices, clinics, and hospitals of all sizes the flexibility to implement the specific features and functionality that best suit their business and workflow needs.  Fully integrated and scalable, VersaSuite’s EHR, HIS, and EPM solutions are capable of growing and shifting with a practice over time, performing all the necessary functions for the most demanding clinics, surgical centers, and hospitals.

VersaSuite Enterprise Management

VersaSuite’s enterprise management modules enable institutions of all sizes to more effectively manage their employees, perform payroll, control accounting, generate complete financial statements, oversee system security, track marketing campaigns, and more.

VersaSuite EHR

VersaSuite-EHR makes it easy to enter large amounts of clinical data using VersaSuite’s fast click-based data entry. VersaSuite offers comprehensive specialty-specific content for a wide range of medical specialties. VersaSuite-EHR also allows doctors to customize exam templates so they can make templates feel just like they want, or they can have VersaSuite customize for them.

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The Enterprise Practice Management module is loaded with features to make help manage the most complex clinical enterprises. VersaSuite-EPM houses a powerful resource-based scheduler, over 100 built-in reports, batch claims and EoB processing, patient demographics, and much more.

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VersaSuite HIS

VersaSuite’s Hospital Information System is a custom solution for hospitals that helps improve payor performance, accelerate cash collection, and carefully track production through advanced reporting, among many other functions. VersaSuite has also built some of the industry’s most advanced Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) and Electronic Medication Administration Record (EMAR) systems to help reduce medical errors and provide better quality of care.

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VersaSuite-INV enables practices and hospitals to carefully manage their inventory. VersaSuite-INV is great for optometrists running optical shops, a hospital pharmacy, or anything in between.

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VersaSuite’s Radiology Information System/Picture Archiving and Communication System is a robust system for handling the most demanding radiology needs. VersaSuite-RIS/PACS can also be used as a powerful image viewer for any medical specialty. VersaSuite adheres to the DICOM standard for image formatting to ensure interoperability and quality images.

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