Bridge the Patient-Provider Gap with VersaSuite’s Patient Portal

Patient Portal

Request A DemoVersaSuite’s Patient Portal provides your patients with private, secure access to messages, appointments, and personal health records, allowing for more patient engagement while streamlining patient-provider communication and saving your practice valuable time.  With a secure username and password, your patients have 24-hour access to personal health information, can exchange secure messages with physicians, and can update their contact and benefits information — all from the comfort and privacy of their home or office.

  • With VersaSuite's Patient Portal, your patients can view their healthcare history from the comfort of their home or office.
  • VersaSuite's Patient Portal gives your patients 24/7 access to their prescription information.
  • Providers using VersaSuite's Patient Portal give their patients the added benefit of downloading copies of their own patient records.
  • With VersaSuite's Patient Portal, doctors and patients can communicate securely and easily through electronic messages.
  • With online appointment scheduling, VersaSuite's Patient Portal makes it easy for your patients to plan non-emergency visits.

Physicians using VersaSuite’s Patient Portal can expedite many front desk, clinical, and administrative tasks with this fully integrated functionality. Phone time previously required to respond to appointment requests can now be allocated to other patient care needs. Demographic data entry time is lessened as updates are delivered to the patient’s medical record from the portal. Pre-registration forms and medical and family history can now be written directly to the patient encounter, thereby significantly reducing documentation time. VersaSuite’s Patient Portal provides the availability and access necessary for better patient satisfaction and improved patient care.

Enable your patients to take control of their healthcare:

  • View recent doctor visits
  • View and request medications
  • View billing information
  • Track immunizations
  • View allergies and lab results
  • Exchange secure messages between physician & patient
  • Schedule non-urgent appointments
  • Update contact and benefits information
  • View educational materials